Thai Lessons

Thai Language Course is divided into 3 levels, which take the student from having basic knowledge to being able to communicate with a strong level of fluency.

Thai Level 1

• Thai Phonetics, vowels, tones and numbers.
• Greetings and introductions.
• Asking and answering simple questions in everyday conversation.
• Talking about your stay in Thailand and occupation.
• How to establish identity and ownership of objects.
• Asking and giving directions.
• How to travel and parts of Thailand.
• Family.
• Making polite requests.
• Ordering food and drinks.
• Telling the time and saying the days and the months.
• Making arrangements.
• Making telephone calls.
• Can you?
• How much, how many?
• Bargaining.
• Comparisons.
• Paying visits and receiving guests.
• Compliments.

Thai Level 2

• Asking for explanation.
• Accommodation and household objects.
• Shopping and describing things.
• Various aspects of time.
• Health problems and going to the doctor.
• Weather and climate.
• Traffic and pollution.
• Apologizing.
• Colloquialisms and idioms.
• People and things around you.
• Prohibitions and reading signs and notices.
• Traveling in Thailand.
• Hotel Reservations
• Facilities and services.
• Leisure.
• Giving and receiving compliments.
• Working in Thailand.
• Living abroad and the further reading practice.
• Expressing your opinions.

Reading and writing can be commenced at level 2

Thai Level 3

This level will be TAILOR MADE THAI COURSE, dictated to the particular needs of the students involved to bring the students up to a higher state of language competency and enable them to communicate in Thai like a native speaker.