4 Books to Read If You Are Trying to Learn English

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As humans, we possess an extremely powerful attribute: words. Human language can convey so many emotions that it can cause a person to laugh, to smile, to cry, and to change their beliefs. So great is the power of the word that we’d be lost without language.

When a baby is born, they are inducted into a world of human language. As parents, we even consider their very first word important. After this comes learning to read.

The Beauty of Reading

Reading a book is great because all of those words can transport you to magical worlds where anything can happen. You can visit mystical islands, terrifying vistas of human anguish, and beautiful castles. There really is no boundary when it comes to reading.

This happens across all cultures and languages, and it is one thing that all humans have in common. It’s even said by some that people who only read in one language live a thousand lives, but those who read in multiple languages live ten thousand lives.

Reading is always important when you’re learning a new language. It’s an essential part of learning because it teaches about grammar, new words, and enables new levels of understanding. In fact, reading novels in your new language is much better than learning from textbooks on grammar.

English is actually one of the toughest languages to learn for a non-native speaker, but trending books not only teach about grammatical structures, but also impart culture on the reader. Just imagine that you are from France and you are learning English. By reading an Australian novel, you not only learn more about English but also get into the minds of the characters and learn about Australian culture.

Some Essential Books to Read

If you’re an EFL learner, here are 4 great books to help improve your learning:

  • 13 Reasons Why (2007) by Jay Asher: This story is all about growing up in an American school and having to deal with the hard realities of not being popular. Hannah Baker goes through such brutality that the book ends with a climax. Everything that leads up to her suicide is detailed in the story and results in a harrowing but important read.
  • Charlotte’s Web (1952) by E.B.White: Wilbur is the runt of his pig litter and this books gives us a glimpse into his world. It’s a short book, but relates universal themes that every person will relate to, including survival and survival. It’d an easy read that has proven very popular.
  • The Fault in our Stars (2012) by John Green: This is a book with some powerful themes that nearly everyone can relate to. There’s both humor and the reality of dealing with and living with cancer. It is a story that is filled with emotion and the adventures of Augustus and Hazel, who will not be deterred despite the grim circumstances.
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999) by Stephen Chbosky: This book took Chbosky 5 years to get down and was directly influenced and inspired by Rebel without a Cause. This is a very personal and emotive story and that really flows through Chbosky’s words here. It’s about teenage love and what version of it we think we deserve.

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