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English for your work

Gain a Competitive Edge

As your staff become more confident and effective using English to communicate, your organization becomes more efficient and more competitive. Improving the way your people communicate with customers and other teams and departments in your company, is key to Inlingua’s training programs. Our tutors and course developers have a wealth of experience in helping professionals improve their language skills. They will first of all understand what skills are most essential to your profession and create a plan to help you improve.

Proven Track Record in Thailand

Inlingua Corporate Training is a market leader in Corporate English Training in Thailand. Since we began operations in 1989, we have provided successful training to hundreds of companies in Thailand. From small privately-owned businesses to giant multinationals, from financial service companies in downtown Bangkok to oil drilling companies in the South of Thailand. We work with a broad range of industries and professions to help their staff improve their understanding of the English language. Whether your sales staff need to improve their English pitch, or your admin team need to be able to write proficiently. Inlingua’s Corporate English department can help. Whatever your staff’s current level of proficiency.


Our Range of Services

With a vast library of resources, a full-time Course Developer and a team of Training Consultants who are all experienced, native-speaking instructors themselves. We can offer an extremely varied and flexible range of services to fit your needs. We can help to assess your staff at large at find out exactly what their proficiencies, and weaknesses are. Our course developers and tutors will then set about creating the most suitable plan of action to target the areas in most need of attention.