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Inlingua offers a wide range of different courses and language education services. Whether you are new in Thailand and looking to improve your Thai language skills. Or you are a student looking to improve your English grades and understanding of the language, Inlingua has a course for you. All of our courses are developed by our experienced and knowledgeable Course Developers. They ensure that all the most relevant and important skills are developed in our students.

For a full description of our courses and how they can help improve your language skills, please review our course options below.

English for Young Learners
(Aged 4 – 16 yrs)
English Courses for
University Students
Courses to help prepare for
English Tests & Exams
Private Lessons with inlingua
Lessons for learning English
Learn English Conversation
for Professional Business
Learn Writing Courses with
inlingua Language Schools
Additional Language Courses
Available at inlingua
Learn Thai with
inlingua Language Schools