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inlingua Teaching Method

inlingua Teaching Method

The inlingua Method is the key element that contributes to learning success. It is based on decades of experience in language training and is continually being developed to match the needs of a changing world. The emphasis is on direct communication through speaking.

And we don’t just teach English. If Mandarin is what you require, or Japanese, or French, or German, or any other language, we can deliver the quality of training you need. Naturally, we also provide Thai training, either in our school or on-site.

The spoken language is emphasized. Language learners concentrate on their oral competence before turning their attention to reading and additional listening or writing skills.

inlingua language trainers ensure that learners experience the presentation, practice and production stages in sequence. Within each stage a wide range of different training techniques and activities is used to keep training sessions interesting and motivating. The overall amount of time spent on each of the three stages may vary slightly according to the topic, vocabulary or structure.

Class Time Spent on Each Key Point