Why Multilingualism Is the Key to Success

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Ours is a fast-globalizing world, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. We have been headed on a path towards greater globalization for centuries now, of course, but the advent of the Internet has made this process faster and, for the foreseeable future at least, irreversible. It is thus of the utmost importance to make sure that you yourself, as well as any companies you represent, are geared towards a globalized economy.

One of the most important ways of doing that is by making sure that you can communicate with people across the globe in their native language. While English is the de facto lingua franca of both the Internet as well as international business, there’s simply no substitute for being able to communicate with someone directly in their own language.

And that’s just one reason that multilingualism is the key to success in our globalizing economy.

Adding to Your CV

One of the most important points in favor of multilingualism for you personally is likely to be the impact that it can have on your CV and future applications. With more and more businesses doing business on a more globalized scale, having team members who can converse with clients in their native tongues can be essential to success. As such, if you speak multiple languages, your usefulness to a company might be increased dramatically. If you are applying for a new position, this can be a huge point in your favor.

Target Languages

This is especially true if you speak any one of a number of different target languages. For obvious historical, social, political, and cultural reasons, different regions will have different target languages which may be prioritized in terms of their valuableness for a company. For example, if you’re looking to apply for a job in America, Spanish is easily the most useful second language you can learn for many jobs. For jobs in the European Union, French and German can prove a bit more useful. Chinese, Russian, and Arabic are likewise hugely important languages for companies with global reach and thus toeholds in China, Russia, and the Middle East.

Value for a Company

As alluded to above, multilingualism is incredibly valuable for burgeoning as well as established companies. It’s always a good idea to be able to communicate with clients in their own language. That being said, there is a more meta contextual rationale to encourage multilingualism – multiculturalism. More and more, companies are catching on to the fact that multiculturalism is a huge selling point, especially with younger consumers. Being able to accept and embrace a multilingual, multicultural society can be a huge PR coup for a company, and one gained at practically no cost to the firm at that. Having your sites updates to included multilingual options by multilingual individuals or having a multilingual staff isn’t that costly, and the benefits in terms of both public perception and potential windfall can be significant.

For all of these reasons and more, multilingualism is, increasingly, one of the great tools for success in the globalized economy. If you’re looking for help with learning a new language, for business or personal reasons, we have the right courses for you. Speak to our staff at your local branch today.